Introducing Geosonix

The graphical music sequencer and live performance environment. Version 2.00 Beta for Mac is now available. 

Create cutting edge music

GeoSonix is a graphical open-source sequencer and live performance environment.  With it you create original music and amazing patterns of “structured sound”.  Draw patterns of curves, cursors and triggers and define their behavior. Maybe add an image (Geosonix is a completely new way of turning your pictures into music).  Then hit “play”, and listen.  The results are sure to astonish you!

Redefine music in time and space

Notes are events in space playable from multiple directions.  Sequencers are 2D or 3D curves that twist and turn generating notes that change as the cursor’s surroundings change. Time flows at different rates on different curves and changes depending on the context.  

Build unique instruments

Geosonix is a Performance Environment which means you can build unique sound controlling instruments that can be played in real time, either with MIDI or OSC controllers, or in Javascript with the built in REPL.  (Read,Evaluate,Print Loop)  If you know what a REPL is you will love this feature!

Key features

Well connected

Geosonix has excellent support for both MIDI and Open Sound Control. It even supports “Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression”, a cutting edge MIDI protocol that’s a perfect match for Geosonix rich expressiveness.  Geosonix also plays nicely with other musical tools, measuring time in BPM and allowing sync with either MIDI Time Code or MIDI Clock.

Unique Heritage

Geosonix is an updated, easier to use, more powerful blend of GeoMaestro and Iannix that also borrows concepts from popular music workstation software. Geosonix is both refreshingly new, and deep, but the the same time comfortably familiar.


It comes with a built-in syntax highlighting editor with command completion and popup code-tips for Javascript and Geosonix commands.  Scripts are saved in the same file as the rest of the score and can be an integral part of a composition.

Easy to Set Up

Although there is no built-in audio, Geosonix plays sounds with any software or hardware synthesizer. The tutorials are based in GarageBand but if you have more advanced tools you will have no problem setting them up.

Intuitive User Interface

It comes with an intuitive workspace for viewing, building, modifying, and playing graphical scores. Toolbars, property inspectors and transport controls also allow for ease of use.

Well Documented

Geosonix includes a built-in hyperlinked reference manual, a series of tutorials and a variety example scores to get you started. Take a look at the documentation here. 

Geosonix is free.

Also, please contact chrisgr99 at g mail dot com for more information or if you are interested in trying a pre-release Mac version.